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Is health insurance available for someone who was diagnosed and treated for cancer 4+ years ago?

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14 Jun, 2022 by  Pratik Mandrekar

My friend was diagnosed and treated for cancer about 6 years ago. Post that, there has been no remission, and has been leading a life without any health complications.

Would companies provide health insurance under the provision that pre-existing diseases are those that have been diagnosed/treated in the past 4 years?


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Most insurers exclude cancer as a pre existing ailment and can reject your application for insurance,

However star has lately launched a product for cancer patients where individuals with cancer as a PED can apply, there are if& buts surrounding it to the extent they cover people incase there is a recurrence of czncer in the future & it comes with a copay of 10%

I'll be able to help you better if you choose to book a consult - it's free, you can click on the link next to the profile for the same.

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16 Jun, 2022
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Hi Pratik,

Star Health Insurance has a specific plan for cancer survivors. It's Star Cancer Care Platinum Insurance Plan.

Here is a short description of the plan for your reference:


Entry age - 5 months to 65 years

Renewals are guaranteed for - Lifetime

Lump-Sum Cover

The Company will pay a lump sum amount as mentioned for the person who suffers a recurrence, metastasis, and/or malignancy unrelated to the first cancer Sum insured under this section is 50% of the Section I sum insured.

No pre-acceptance medical screening. All that one needs to do is share the past medical records pertaining to the treatment taken for Cancer in the past

InPatient Hospitalization - Covered up to Sum Insured

Room Rent Capping - Single Standard A/c

ICU Capping - None

Ambulance charges - Covered

Pre-Hospitalization - 30 days

Post-Hospitalization - 60 days

Daycare Treatments - All day care procedures are covered

Health Checkup - Up to Rs.2,500/- for every claim free year

Cumulative Bonus - 5% of basic sum insured for each claim free year subject to a maximum of 50% of the basic sum insured

Waiting Periods

30 days (Not applicable for Accidents)

24 months for specified illness/ diseases.

30 months for treatment of Pre-existing diseases

Get in touch with an insurance expert for further assistance in this regard..

Best Wishes,

Satish Kumar H

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16 Jun, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Pratik

Yes , there are products as recommend by Pankaj and Satish.

However , I recommend to create a medical emergency fund rather depending on insurance .

If possible ask for RS 100 lakh cover with Rs 10 lakh deductible.

Make an medical contingency fund of Rs 10 lalh .

This way , you will buy cover for a very low price and have a security for high cover .

Best wishes

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