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Permanent Exclusions and coverage

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31 Oct, 2023 by  Murugan Sarangapani

Any guidance on this would be appreciated. Insurance acts on good faith, however when we declare any disease/PED which is say one of the diesease listed in the permanent exclusions list outlined by IRDA under Chapter IV, why are health insurers unwilling to provide any cover to the individual, rather than providing coverage to the individual excluding the PED? Is this not contradictory due to the IRDA guidelines?

Health Insurance

1 Answer

07 Nov, 2023
Rayapu Ashok Kumar Reddy

Dear member,

As per circular the IRDA has given only an option to issue policy by excluding the permanently listed disease. Hence it is not mandatory for the companies to issue policy as per the circular.

I feel the that insurance Industry experts should reach out to IRDA and make it mandatory instead of optional in order to protect the right of getting insurance.

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