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Plan for my father having diabetes and bp. Age is 54

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14 Jul, 2021 by  aniket birari

1 st june 1967 is birthdate

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2 Answer

15 Jul, 2021

Hey Aniket,

It's a pretty open-ended query. Could you help with a few details:

  1. What is the current location of your father
  2. Have you checked any insurance plans or spoken to any insurance person till now? If yes, then what are your questions after having that discussion?
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15 Jul, 2021

Dear Aniket

Look for a good advisor , check credentials .

Ensure that all health declaration of your father pre existing diseases are made .

All insurance companies eould accept your proposal if your father has only history of diabetes and bp . They would give a waiting period of 2 to 3 year which is a right step or may offer a 20 % co pay .

So go ahead and insure your father. You are a great son .

Health insurance is the best gift which you can offer to parents .

Check the list of insurers who are in list of your hospital . Cashless is applicabld when hospital is in nrtwork hospital .

Best wishes


Insurance Samadhan

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