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What happens to family floater policy after divorce?

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25 Nov, 2021 by  Sanchit Somani

Hypothetical Situation because we don't have a child insurance policy below 18 years in our country yet. - Husband and Wife around 30 years. Blessed with a Baby. Took a decision to buy a family floater policy (Beshak recommended) ;)

What will happen to this kinda policy IF there is a divorce-like situation down the line?

Does all three have to buy a new policy altogether?

Assumption - There is no active employer policy also.

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

25 Nov, 2021
Asha H P

Dear Sanchit,

Health Insurance policies are issued for a period of one year and can be renewed at the end of policy tenure of 1 year. In case of health insurance policies the policyholder has the option to migrate or port the existing policy to different plan with same insurer or different insurer.

Likewise the policyholder has the option to add or remove any of the members in the family floater policy at the end of the policy before proceeding for making the payment of renewal premium. Even, in case of the divorce the family floater can be continued with one adult member and the baby and the other adult can take an individual cover with continuous coverage.

Hope this addresses your concern. I am not aware of any specific guidelines applicable for divorce cases. May be other experts on this forum would be able to share their inputs

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