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Why is Insurance complicated?  Why is honest advice so rare to find?

We are a community of users & experts here to solve this. 

What is Beshak?

Beshak is an independent community platform cutting the crap from insurance and making it simple, credible and trustworthy for every customer. Through a curated community of financial advisors and industry experts we help you find dependable answers and guidance for all things insurance - so you make regret-free decisions for a lifetime.

We will never sell or advertise insurance companies or products - meaning you’ll always get 100% conflict-free advice, information and guidance here.

Why Beshak?

Insurance is messy. It’s complex, filled with jargon and all online assistance available is sales-driven. You are in a fix - you seek advice, but get sales talk. You want to understand and make good decisions, but are instead misdirected into buying products that are better suited to the seller’s commissions, rather than your family’s needs.

And you know this.

This makes it very difficult for you to trust, rely on any insurance product. In fact, a recent survey found that 37% of the people who delayed a purchase, said they did not trust their advisor.

Beshak changes this.

With no interest in selling or even promoting a product or insurer, we create a ‘Trusted Space’, where you are empowered through tools, curated advisors and content - to make better, well-informed decisions.

We are fiercely
  • No Sales
  • No Commissions
  • No Kickbacks
  • No Chasing
Join us in delivering unbiased information about insurance.
We are Beshak

Movers and Beshakers

bracket-left Our Community Executives bracket-right

The ones who launched, built and continue to fuel beshak with their passion to provide unbiased insurance advice.

Aayush Dubey
Aayush Dubey
Beshak's go-to research geek. Always scanning insurance products and websites. Rich exposure to the entire spectrum of insurance products. He was last a Product Analyst at Coverfox.
Thribhuvan Lokesh
Thribhuvan Lokesh
CTO, Co-founder
Ex Intuit. Ex BlueJeans. 10 yrs of experience in building data-driven and design-oriented tech products that help organisations grow at scale.
Mahavir Chopra
Mahavir Chopra
Building insurance startups, since 2005. In his last stint, he was the CBO at Coverfox. Writes for ET, Business Standard, Mint, and Moneycontrol
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bracket-left Our Advisory Council bracket-right

Beshak is privileged to have the support, expertise, and guidance from a diverse group of advisors. 

Anupam Gupta
Anupam Gupta
Chartered Accountant, Investment Research Consultant, host of personal finance podcast, Paisa Vaisa, Author of The Victory Project
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Brian Almeida
Brian Almeida
Founder - PointsforGood. Rich experience in performance marketing, loyalty programs like Jet Privilege, First Citizen.
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Deepak Shenoy
Deepak Shenoy
Founder, Capital Mind - an established research-backed, information platform empowering investors to make the better informed decisions.
Devendra Rane
Devendra Rane
IIT Mumbai, Ex Co-Founder & CTO at Coverfox. Currently SVP, Technology & Engineering at PayTM
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KS Gopalakrishnan
KS Gopalakrishnan
Ex CMD Aegon Life India, Ex CEO Reinsurance Group of America, Actuary. Currently a strategic advisor to many insurtech companies.
How do you intend to make money? +

We are working on revenue models that help us stay afloat without compromising on the conflict of selling Insurance. We will soon launch paid products/services that may be of interest to some of you.

Who are you - an agent, broker, aggregator like Policybazaar? -

No. We are not an agent or broker or aggregator. We are a research platform - we are people who want to make decisions with respect to insurance simpler, more transparent for you.

We are not activists either. We would love to play the role of a catalyst, work with all players in the ecosystem who have similar interests.

Are you guys experts? +

We are enthusiasts who love insurance and believe that good insurance products can solve problems for the commonest man.

We don’t claim to be experts. In fact, we think of ourselves as permanent students of insurance; nerds who enjoy reading, analyzing and discussing the fine print behind insurance plans. We are building a dependable medium and source for users seeking conflict-free information on insurance.

How to use information available on Beshak? +

Honestly, this applies to information available anywhere.

  • Acknowledge that information published anywhere is created by a bunch of humans.
  • Always validate the information from a couple of other credible sources, before you decide to act upon it.

All content on the website is purely for information purposes for the public at large and does not constitute personal financial advice for a specific individual reader. We strongly recommend that you take advice from a professional financial advisor before making any decisions.

Can there be errors on Beshak? +

Sometimes. It would be arrogant to believe otherwise. Given the nature of insurance products and the constantly evolving industry there will always be more to learn, than we already know.

Our team is small, but highly committed to deliver only accurate and truthful content to our readers. While we strive to develop resources with a lot of diligence and have them peer reviewed by experts from the industry - we admit that mistakes will still creep in.

Whether these are honest mistakes or things we are outright wrong about, we promise to correct them, and keep you informed through our communication channels as soon as we become aware of them.