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Everything about insurance - Beshak
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Insurance basics simplified, even a 10-year-old will understand
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Insurance Community Forum - Beshak
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Research, data, tools, that remove all confusion, and help you decide.
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Health Insurance
Buying Insurance Online Vs Agent or Financial Advisor | What is the big difference?
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Health Insurance
Family Floater Health Plan Vs. Individual Health Insurance - Which is better? | Beshak
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Term Life Insurance
Should I pick the cheapest Term Insurance Plan or go with an expensive 'Brand'? | Insurappa | Beshak

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Here’s what our members have to say about Beshak

Pragnesh Panchamvedi photo
If being transparent, open, and simple means 'too ethical', every company in the world must follow Beshak's path!
Pragnesh Panchamvedi
twitter icon @pragnesh_kaival
Kalpesh Singh photo
The platform has not only helped me make a sound decision but also educated me enough to know about insurance. The best part of Beshak is that they don't sell so you won't get calls.
Kalpesh Singh
twitter icon @knowkalpesh
Maulik Shah photo
Beshak is the best forum out there for insurance! It gave me the courage of buying my term plan and upgrading my health plans - something I was dreading and putting off for years now!
Maulik Shah
twitter icon @mrmaulikshah

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Beshak is where subject-matter experts, credible financial advisors & customers come together with a single purpose - make insurance work for everyone!

Neutral Insurance Community - Beshak
Independent, Transparent
The Beshak community is a neutral (we do not sell insurance, and never will) platform fuelled by people, for people to improve how we perceive and use insurance products.
Insurance Experts - Beshak
Convincing Answers from Credible Experts
Customers get access to Experts and their knowledge and even financial advisors find solutions to real-life insurance questions - they don't know whom to ask.
Awareness of Insurance - Beshak
Save Time and Money
Leveraging the power of Beshak’s technology solutions, tools & media, customers save a significant amount of time and money. The technology also equips financial advisors to provide quick, convincing advice to their customers.
Guidance of Insurance - Beshak
Worry-free, Regret-proof Insurance for families
With the guidance and support of well meaning people - customers are no longer puzzled by the many choices and complexities of insurance and are empowered to make worry-free, regret proof decisions!

FAQs about Beshak

How will Beshak make money?

Given we claim we are independent, unbiased, this is a valid question to have! Specifically because we are not an not for profit organization too!

So here it is: 

First, how we don’t make money. We will not make money from commissions, advertising, or any lead based partnerships or anything that will influence our content, our research, our recommendations. 

So, how do we make money?  We charge fees for various services we provide to financial advisors listed on our platform. 

Are you an aggregator like Policybazaar?

No, and neither are we an agent, broker, or distributor of insurance. We are simply a research platform. We want to help make insurance decisions simpler, more transparent for you.

We are not activists either. We'd like to think of ourselves as a 'Catalyst' that brings together all the players of the ecosystem who have the same goal as we do.

Are you guys experts?

We don’t claim to be experts. In fact, we think of ourselves as permanent students of insurance; nerds who enjoy reading, analyzing, and discussing the fine print behind insurance plans. We are building a dependable medium and source for users seeking conflict-free information on insurance.

We are insurance enthusiasts who believe that good insurance products can solve problems for every person.


How to use this information?

Honestly, this applies to information available anywhere.

- Acknowledge that information published anywhere is created by a bunch of humans.
- Always validate the information from a couple of other credible sources, before you decide to act upon it.

All content on the website is purely for information purposes for the public at large and does not constitute personal financial advice for a specific individual reader. We strongly recommend that you take advice from a professional financial advisor before making any decisions.

Can there be errors on Beshak?

Of course, sometimes! It would be arrogant to believe otherwise. Given the nature of insurance products and the constantly evolving industry, there will always be more to learn than we already know. Our team is small but highly committed to delivering only accurate and truthful content to our readers. While we strive to develop resources with a lot of diligence and have them peer-reviewed by experts from the industry - we admit that mistakes will still creep in.

Whether these are honest mistakes or things we are outright wrong about, we promise to correct them and keep you informed through our communication channels as soon as we become aware of them.

No Spam
We know our community members don’t need to be pushed, chased to financially secure their families. We won’t bother you, call you or spam you. Ever.
No Calls
All of us are put off when someone throws jargon at us. We promise language that your grandmother would understand.
No Ads or Sales
Fiercely independent, we won’t get into any sales or leads related alliances with insurance companies or platforms.
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Disclaimer: The content on the website is purely for information purposes for the public at large, and does not constitute personal financial advice for a specific individual reader.
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