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Choose from a list of carefully selected professional advisors. Qualified. Experienced Professionals. Not a call center.


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Relax!! You now have the right plan, right advisor, and a legit community on your side. Your insurance problem is now our problem.

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Beshak vs Insurance Platforms


Insurance Platforms

Type of platform

100% Unbiased Platform

Zero commission, zero ad revenue from Insurers

Sales Platform

Revenue based on listing fees, commission from Insurers


All online plans

Limited plans

Product Recommendation

Personalized for your needs

Raw comparison of plans

You buy insurance from

Top 5% Professional Advisors in India

Call Centre Agents.


Only scheduled calls

Spam Calls & SMS

Claims support

Lifetime personal support from advisor

On toll-free number.




Expert Community Support



How does Beshak make money?

We believe in being 100% transparent. We generate revenue by charging a platform fee to financial advisors on our platform infrastructure, and the inquiries they get from community members. There are no charges or fees you need to pay, ever!


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How beshak makes money

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If being transparent, open, and simple means 'too ethical', every company in the world must follow Beshak's path!
The platform has not only helped me make a sound decision but also educated me enough to know about insurance. The best part of Beshak is that they don't sell so you won't get calls.
Beshak is the best forum out there for insurance! It gave me the courage of buying my term plan and upgrading my health plans - something I was dreading and putting off for years now!

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