Anshulkumar Jain

Anshulkumar Jain

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Anshul, an MBA (Finance) Graduate, started his career in Personal Finance & Taxation in 2015 with Crown Advisors, Bangalore, as a Senior Financial Planner. In 2018, he founded Ashmee Advisors & started his full-time practice, currently serving 150+ Retail, HNI, and NRI families globally with Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, and Taxation, as well as; serving 50+ SME Businesses in Karnataka, India, with Business Planning & Advisory, Financial Management, Taxation, and Portfolio Management. Anshul is very passionate about his profession and keeps himself & his team always on top of their game with continuous learnings, market updates, client relationships, and support. At weekends, he spends his time with family & friends and enjoys long drives, music, and playing cricket.



Ashmee Advisors | Founder



8 years



POSP of an Insurance Broker/Company


Auto Insurance
Life Insurance (Saving Products)
Term Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Travel Insurance

Dedicated Claims Team

Get expert help to ensure 100% worry free process during your claims journey.

Languages Spoken

lang English
lang Hindi
lang Kannada


Vijaya Gavhane photo
Vijaya Gavhane
i connected Behsak for Health Insurance. My coordinator Mr. Anshul Jain was superb. The process was very fast and quick. i just loved the service, after all health is wealth.
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Nisar Ahmad Gurkoo
Happy to connect with you. It was a family feel while interacting. Mr Ansul is a very professional and capable person.

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