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A Chartered Wealth Manager by qualification, Nishant Batra has 15+ years of experience in the capital market and 2+ years of experience in insurance advisory. He previously headed a family office with assets of more than 200 Crore. Over the years, he has worked for clients from diverse fields, managing SIPs to portfolios worth many hundreds of crores. He embraces the principles of relationship building and believes that the best relationships are built by serving clients, not by selling them products. Apart from being an advisor, Nishant loves playing chess and reading up on investments, personal finance, and behavioural economics.



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Chartered Wealth Manager


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Nishant is a very good advisor with astute and timely advice. He is an expert in advising Mutual Fund portfolios aligned to clients various goals like retirement, wealth creation, etc. Apart from mutual funds, he also optimize the portfolio and taxes through small savings schemes. I highly recommend his services to people seeking low risk and steady cashflows.
I got to know Nishant thru twitter and started following him. Once I personally messaged him to seek advice on a SIP I wanted to start, his honestly disclosed that his compliances are in process with the regulatory body before he can start advising. What struck me was his outright nature, honesty and ethics. Nowhere in our conversation even after that did he try to sell me something. This is way back in 2020, now he runs a full-fledged financial planning firm. On Nishant's recommendation, I bought Mutual Funds Schemes which were carrying DHFLs NCDs at zero cost. I made a handsome gain when DHFL was resolved. As these bonds were valued at zero in main portfolio, my risk was nothing. Similarly, on his recommendation I also bought Franklin FOF, which was carrying one of the winded up schemes at 50% NAV. That was also a smart move. To sum up I can describe Nishant's work as Honesty, No mis-selling and a Knowledge powerhouse. Now all my financial worries and pain has been outsourced to Nishant and I focus on growing my own business.


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