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Rohit Dhingra

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A business administration expert by profession, Rohit last worked in the marketing team of India Today Group. For the past 5 years, he has been advising clients from all walks of life on Health, Term Life, and General Insurance. Rohit is very passionate about his clients and believes in providing them with the right advice and service. He likes spending time with his family and is also keen on learning new skills.

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Get expert help to ensure 100% worry free process during your claims journey.

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Rohit has extraordinary knowledge in the insurance domain. His recommendation fits directly as per your need and is well versed with all the nitty gritties. He also helps during the emergency for a smooth effortless claim reimbursement just like an elder brother would do. This personal touch and guidance makes him different from everyone else. I therefore hold him in high regards and would recommend his consulting in the insurance domain
Rohit is a truly professional consultant as he first understands the client profile and the requirement (be ready for his queries for this). He then takes an analysis based transparent approach to advise the right product & plan that fulfils the objective for its customer satisfaction. His knowledge of financial and insurance products is highly commendable. I highly recommend Mrs Right Advice for the 100% Right Advice on your financial and insurance needs that would keep you covered for future.


Kalpesh Singh photo
Kalpesh Singh
The connect was super helpful. Rohit was kind enough to guide me. Thank you Rohit and Beshak. I didn't feel force selling here. ✌️
Santhosh Guru photo
Santhosh Guru
I am delighted by the entire experience. Kudos to you for such an amazing service.
Sharath Modipalli photo
Sharath Modipalli
The process was good, Rohit has guided well in buying the policy.

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