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Vipul Khandelwal

Vipul Khandelwal

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Vipul Khandelwal is a distinguished financial expert holding impressive qualifications as a Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), and Certified Financial Planner (CFP, USA). With over 18 years of experience across the finance, investment, and insurance sectors, Vipul has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and thought leader. As the visionary Founder & CEO of Money Compound, Vipul is dedicated to enhancing financial literacy in society. His commitment to empowering individuals and families to achieve financial freedom is unyielding. Vipul's passion for education and guidance is very much measurable, as is his interest in hosting over 200 insightful webinars. Via these engaging web sessions, he tirelessly shares his expertise on financial planning, investments, and insurance and guides individuals to a secure financial future. Known for his exceptional skills as an Insurance Advisor, Vipul tailors his advice to meet the custom needs of clients. Through his insightful guidance, he ensures that every individual attains both financial security and peace of mind. His dedication and expertise have impacted over 750+ families, navigating them through the intricacies of financial planning to reach their long-term goals. Vipul's dedication to his clients and his mission to promote financial literacy are the driving forces behind his work at Money Compound. Through his proactive efforts to improve the financial well-being of the community, he leaves a lasting impression.



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