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upgrading my health insurance, what should i do?
Posted By Vikrant Upadhyay MEMBER 06 Dec, 2021

Hello helpful guides,

I am 41 years old and have insured myself and my son for a floter 10L (Care by care) i baught this 10 year back and have never claimed. ( current premium 15000)

I also have a Care Enhance-1 ( super top up) for 25 lakh with 5 lakh deductible each for me and my son. ( current premium 6500+2500= 9000)

In addition to the above I have a 90 lakh super top up floater from Niva bupa ( policy name Health Recharge) with 10 lakh deductible . ( Current premium = 4287 this is for 3 years)

I wanted to increase my base SI from 10 lakh to either 25 lakh or 50 Lakh and then discontinue the Care enhance top-up as to me it seems like i am paying more than i should. i intend to continue the Health recharge with 10 lakh deductible as its really cheap just 1100 for a 90 lakh super top with 10 L deductible.

So my questions are:

1: What am i doing wrong in above?

2: Is my decision to increase the base SI and get rid of enhance 1 the right decision.

3: What should i go with CARE advantage for 50 lakh or continue care, care is expensive and i don't see any major difference ( except annual health checkup, alternate treatment)

4: Is there a recommendation as which would be a good HIP.

5: My last questions is why are these health insurance policy are so complicated and with so many terms and condition, why cant we get something that simple and with no strings attached. let it be a little expensive but should be something that truly can be a piece of mind? do we have something like that ??

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