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Almost 100% Hike In Premium - Should I Renew My Policy?
Posted By BALAJI BASHYAM MEMBER 17 Jun, 2021

Hi... currently I have an individual health insurance policy for my family of 5 members, myself (49yrs), wife (42yrs), son (15yrs), daughter (19yrs) & mother (80yrs), with Royal Sundaram, I am holding this policy with Royal Sundaram for the past 17 years or so. My policy has been upgraded few times based on notice of withdrawal of my old policy. Even last year I got an intimation from Royal Sundaram that my old policy is withdrawn and provided me couple of new policy options. I selected "Lifeline - Classic Health Policy" (2lacs sum assured + 50k no claim bonus for each individual) and my premium was fixed accordingly. I paid a total premium cost was around Rs.58729/- last year for this policy last year.

This year again I received an advance intimation for Lifeline policy revision stating that due to IRDAI guidelines to standardize exclusions under health insurance products, they have revised my total premium to around Rs.97300/- for the same sum insured for each individual. I feel that increase in premium is very high. Also, there is no claim last year from any of my family member. Is the hike in accoradance with IRDAI guidelines? Should I go for renewal or consider portability option? Please let me know your thoughts on this.


is waiting period applicable for listed specific diseases which were diagnosed after taking policy?
Posted By Rayapu Ashok Kumar Reddy MEMBER 15 Jun, 2021

Dear Team

My age is 63 and I am having Manipal Cigna Health insurance policy since December 2019. In May 2021 I was diagnosed with Spinal Disorder (PIVD) and the Doctors advised for laminectomy Surgery. So, I applied for cash less claim but the claim was rejected since there is a 2 year waiting period for listed specific diseases. So, I underwent surgery with my own money.

Later on I disclosed the treatment to the insurance company .They asked me to pay a loading

amount hence I paid and they issued a endorsement letter.

Again the insurance company is saying that the Spinal disorders which were treated is included as PED and 36 months waiting period will be applicable.

My concern is can the company include that health issues which occurs after the policy period as PED?

"As far as I know according to the latest IRDA standardized guide lines any health issues which were diagnosed or treated before taking the policy are called PED".

Kindly guide on this issue!

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