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Disclosing therapy/counselling treatment for pyschological issues
Posted By sanket pusalkar MEMBER 14 May, 2021

Hi Team,

My question is related to disclosing the treatment/therapy/counselling one might be taking for some psychological issues.

For example, I have been seeing a therapist for some time now for help with tackling personal and work related issues.

I discussed with my therapist about my intention to purchase term insurance and about the proposal form requiring me to fill info about any psychological treatment I may be having.

Here's what my therapist had to say.

'My issues do not fall under any clinically defined/classified disorders e.g. Depression/ Anxiety disorder etc, there are a bit of anxiety and depression traits but nothing that is defined clinically.

And I am also not taking any medicines for these issues, hence it is ok if I do not disclose info about these therapy sessions since it may add aditional complexity while purchasing term plan'

I need guidance regarding this scenario, what is the best practice followed in this case?Under what circumstances are mental treatments needed to be reported.

Thanks and Regards.

ICICI iprotect Term insurance with coverage for 34 critical illnesses
Posted By Kovid Sinha MEMBER 13 May, 2021

I'm considering buying ICICI Prudential iprotect Term insurance with coverage for 34 critical illnesses. This is a link to the product:

For my age, they require me to pay a premium of 93000 per year for a coverage of 1 crore rupees. while the premium is very high, the compelling highlight of the product is that I get paid 1 crore rupee as soon as I am diagnosed with one of the 34 critical illnesses covered by this insurance. Apart from this they also promise to pay an amount of 83000 per month for 10 years after the death of the insured.

They claim a payout percentage of 97%+

While I fully trust ICICI and HDFC as organizations, could there be pitfalls that I could be blind to?

Question about health Insurance to young generation who has pre-existing diseases
Posted By Jayashankar Maddipoti MEMBER 11 May, 2021

Hi team,

I have one question related to the health insurance, generally some people who are in early stage say around 25-30 can fall in pre-existing diseases like diabetic, blood pressure ..etc due to their way of living or some other reasons. For them, to take health insurance, obviously insurers will deny telling that we will not cover those type of cases. How can any person who is at this stage can get health insurance?

One solution: They can change their life style in order to suppress the pre existing disease as they are in youth stage, they can easily get over it by taking certain precautions and take the report from practitioner/doctor that they are perfectly fit from all of the things.

But even though they get this certificate from doctor, insurers won't believe as it is comes as under life long disease, can be changed any time.

What would you recommend for this type of case? Could you elaborate every known point? Anyone can give their perspectives. Thanks in advance. Waiting for your responses.

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