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LIC Jeevan Anand Plan 149
Posted By Vimal Krishnan R MEMBER 04 Jul, 2021

I am holding a LIC Jeevan Anand (Plan-149). The Commencement Date of this plan was 09/12/2011 and the premium paying term is 20 years (ending on 9/12/2031). It would be great if anyone can answer the following questions regarding this plan:


1)If I exit the LIC plan 149 this year, will I receive the Bonus, Guaranteed Addition that has been accrued? If I will not be entitled to the Bonus, will I at least receive in full, the amount that I have paid as a premium?


2) The 'sum assured' is Rs. 5 Lakhs. Is this the only amount that my family will receive if at all I die during the premium paying term? or are there any additional amounts?


3) The policy term is 76 years. So if I continue to pay the premium till my premium payment end date (that is till 09/12/2031) will I get a life insurance coverage after this date? The policy term is 76 years and the date of maturity is 9/12/2087. If yes, will the amount of life cover be the same 5 lakhs?

Kenko Health - Looks like a scam?
Posted By Harikrishnan Bhadran MEMBER 08 Mar, 2022

Have anyone heard about this company? I was attracted by their insurance model that's quite different from others. They make the joining appear premium and exclusive by propping up something called "Kenko Score". Once we pass their score test, we are being given the option to select the plans. They claim that they will reimburse 50% of the OP and medicine expenses, doctor fees etc. The catch (which they don't clearly say) is these claims are applicable only from "Kenko certified" hospitals & clinics. After I learnt about this, I tried to cancel the plan. You will be surprised to know that we cannot contact them ! Only they will be able to contact us if we clicked a button on their website and the support executive only talks about sales and once we tell them that the requirement is to cancel, they will say that my query will be "passed" on the relevant team and they will call back. This never happened and in parallel their sales team goes on spamming your number.

I escalated this even to their "Founder & CEO", but no response. There is no much info about this company in IRDA website too. Terrifying indeed.

Request Beshak team to carry out a discrete investigation. At least the outcome will save hundreds of people from this scam.

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