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Max bupa health reassure plan
Posted By Megha Vinish MEMBER 22 Apr, 2021

Hi Team,


I have bought max bupa health reassure family floater plan with SI of 10 lac with the safegaurd addon for me and wife ( age 31 and 28)

Also I have a super top up(health re charge ) of 90 lacs with deductible of 10 lacs.


My Questions are as below.


  1. First and most important question is how is the plan and the SI that i have taken?What are your views on that ??
  2. Second,The super top up has a room rent cap of single room (this was what the corporate agent said that it is a ac room with attached bathroom of the lowest value).I was okay with this configuration. What do you think about this limitation? Can a person be comfortable in such room.
  3. The main burning question.Looking at the covid situation,the oxygen cylind prices have skyrockted .Will this oxygen cylinder cost be covered under this policy?
  4. Last question is that i hope covid hospitilisation is covered under this policy and if the waiting period is 15 days??


I have a free look period going on .


So if get answers to above question.It will be really helpful :)

HDFC Ergo - Covid home isolation claim not covered post 30/09/20.
Posted By nikunj chhag MEMBER 05 Oct, 2020

I have HDFC Ergo health suraksha policy (Rs 5 L, individual) and I am tested +ve for Covid-19 yesterday. As I dont have any major symptoms, I am advised for home isolation and getting treated by my family physician. I inquired to the insurer to admit such claim but they said Home Isolation amendment was until 30/09/20. Isn't this bad as now so many new cases are there everyday and we really dont have that much medical infra to tackle!!


Thankfully, I am also covered through my employers group mediclaim (Bajaj Allianze) and they will pass upto 20k claim amount. I also bought Reliance GIC Covid policy (bought in May20, after reading Mahavir sir thread on Twitter) which will pay Rs 1 Lac flat upfront so I am safe. Experts comment. (P.S. - I am also IRDA qualified agent.)