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Question about health Insurance to young generation who has pre-existing diseases
Posted By Jayashankar Maddipoti MEMBER 11 May, 2021

Hi team,

I have one question related to the health insurance, generally some people who are in early stage say around 25-30 can fall in pre-existing diseases like diabetic, blood pressure ..etc due to their way of living or some other reasons. For them, to take health insurance, obviously insurers will deny telling that we will not cover those type of cases. How can any person who is at this stage can get health insurance?

One solution: They can change their life style in order to suppress the pre existing disease as they are in youth stage, they can easily get over it by taking certain precautions and take the report from practitioner/doctor that they are perfectly fit from all of the things.

But even though they get this certificate from doctor, insurers won't believe as it is comes as under life long disease, can be changed any time.

What would you recommend for this type of case? Could you elaborate every known point? Anyone can give their perspectives. Thanks in advance. Waiting for your responses.

Question from an insurance advisor to others: Regarding insurance payments
Posted By Avinash Sonee MEMBER 10 May, 2021


As an insurance advisor, how do you manage to convince the customer to make their insurance policy payments by themselves. Many of our customers, especially the elderly and less tech-savvy ones hesitate to make the payment themselves or from their accounts. Instead, they transfer the money to my account and ask me to do the payment.

There are various reasons other for this like the renewal process of some companies not being user friendly or not providing multiple payment options, some customers pay later (debts), payment failures, OTP issues, fear of fraud etc.

I keep trying to teach and insist my customers to make the payment themselves but there is still some percentage of customers who don't listen.

In your experience, what are some ways to resolve this.

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