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Health Insurance email & phone number
Posted By Karan MEMBER 19 May, 2022


This question is for Mr. Shailesh Kumar from Insurance Samadhan.

I have purchased a policy for my father and made my sister proposer since she pays the premium & needs tax benefit. The email id & phone number linked mentioned in this policy is mine and not of my sister since I live with my father and take care of him as my sister is married. I took this policy before my sister's marriage. In this policy the postal address is ours.


1) If I purchase a new policy for my self using same email and phone number, will it create any problem as on same number and email there will be 2 policies - in one proposer is my sister and in one proposer is me. Can insurance company say how same phone and email is linked to two policies with different proposers and reject claim.

2) if my sister purchases a policy for herself and her husband from same company and uses different email address and phone then will be there any problem as now under her name she will be proposer in two policies one for her family and other for our father and both policies will have different phone number, email address. Also my sister will put postal address of in laws in her policy so both the policies wil have different postal address. So can this lead to claim rejection?

Regarding Health Insurance Moratorium Period & Portability
Posted By Raghav MEMBER 04 May, 2022

Hi Team, I purchased my 1st policy in 2013 worth 5 lakh and after continous 5 Years renewal I ported my policy to different insurance company. During porting I increased my sum insured to 10 lakhs. My question is that:-

1)I have paid contnious premiums for 9 years whixh includes 5 years with previous insured and 4 years with the new insurer after porting, so does mortarium period is applicable for 5 lakh sum insured of my ported policy as well? In short is moratorium applicable to ported policies also?

2) Also, after moratorium period is over, can health claim still be rejected on non disclosure of pre existing disease.

. 3) Also in claim form, is it compulsory to put details about other health insurane policy? What if I dont disclose about my other health insurance policy information?

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