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Star Super Surplus Policy
Posted By Maze Runner MEMBER 08 Apr, 2021


I have star super surplus policy for amount 25L (deduction limit: 5L). Also i have star policy of 10L with another accumulated bonus of 2.5L and recharge benefit of 1.5L. As on today I have exhausted 9.8L and will exhaust another 3L for my mothers cancer treatment.

Now i had to admit my father because of an emergency. I have applied for cashless on my surplus policy since i have crossed the deductible limit of 5L on my base policy. My claim has been rejected by star saying the below reason.

"We note that you have made a request for Rs.159070 for the treatment of the above disease. The pre authorization amount sought is lesser than the deductible amount of Rs.500000 opted by the insured patient, as per the policy issued to him/her."

Please help if this is genuine rejection. My understanding is that once the 5L is completed on my base policy i can use my surplus policy.

Premium loading or waiting?
Posted By Prakhar MEMBER 03 Apr, 2021

Hi experts,

I had a not so good health insurance for my parents(aged 69 & 62) which was initially a group policy later converted to retail insurance product which I continued for 6 or 7 years. Then, I learnt about portability, and I ported to another policy which is better than previous.

While porting, the premium was loaded, I tried to negotiate so they offered a waiting period instead with same premium. I took the waiting period option (also paid a 2-year premium). Later, I got to know that loading of the premium was one-off. Now, on hindsight, I realized, I made a mistake. Now, I have few questions.

  • Which is better option? Premium loading or waiting period?
  • Will the waiting period be considered from start of original policy or the new ported policy?
  • Is there any way to fix the problem in the middle of the policy? Also, taking in to consideration my parent's age and 2 year premium paid already. The policies are in force already.

Thanks & Regards

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