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regarding parents health insurance and congenital disease
Posted By harivansh agrawal MEMBER 09 Oct, 2021

I have two question

First one - I know most of the insurer does not cover congenital disease some covers internal congenital disease and does not cover external congenital some cover both internal and external

so If my insurer does not cover congenital disease does it mean that it will not cover as pre-existing but if I already have insurance before diagnosis I will be covered or it does not cover at all no matter when I was diagnosed, no matter whether I have insurance at that time ??

the second one- Do you think it is good to buy parents health insurance since their age(no pre-existing disease ) is around 60 premium will continue to rise and I have listened to your webinars as their age increases the premium will be skyrocketed I have already started to invest in SIP for future premium and medical emergency fund but it will take time to built and also I have here some analogy that it is better to eat one bread less than possibility not having the roof

so do you think it is best to buy health insurance for parents from a personal finance perspective ??

Question regarding health insurance for cancer survivor
Posted By Rajath R MEMBER 25 Aug, 2021

Hi,  I am 21 years old and I was looking for a family health insurance for myself and my parents(father - 52 and mother - 51). My mother had early stage cancer around 6 years ago for which she underwent surgery and chemotherapy. She's completely cured of it now for five years. In 2019 unfortunately she had a mild stroke, from which she has successfully recovered now with no ailments.  Last year I checked a few insurance providers and narrowed down on HDFC Ergo (Appollo Munich back then). They had a provision with which one could get insurance even with the conditions that my mother had. An agent (who was not from my city) got in touch with me and I explained everything to him. He told me it's not a problem and we can still get insurance given we send him all the documents showing my mother's history. He assured us that these will be treated as pre existing conditions and after a waiting period of 3 years we'll be able to claim for every ailments.  A few months ago my mother had a small procedure unrelated to any of the aforementioned issues. We initiated a claim and after a month we got a mail telling us that because we hadn't revealed information about the stroke and the cancer, the policy itself has been cancelled and the claim rejected.  Now coming to my query, is there anything we can do now about this? We were also clearly part of the fault for trusting the agent blindly and making the payment.  Also is there any other insurance provider who can provide someone with a history like my mother health insurance? or should I just steer clear from all of them and just take a policy that covers me and my father?

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