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Urgent question about SI+bonus while porting
Posted By Arora H MEMBER 12 Aug, 2022


My mother's health insurance policy was bought from National insurance in 2016. No claim was taken and last year it was ported to HDFC. Before porting the SI in National insurance was 2.5 lacs and bonus/ncb of 50k. The agent told us that this full amount will be added to the SI purchased in hdfc. In hdfc we got a SI of 10 lacs. In last years policy, which was the first policy after porting to hdfc, under the exclusions section hdfc mentioned the amounts 192500, 50000 and 50000 and mentioned the waiting periods as per section 5A. In the policy renewed this year the amounts mentioned are 192500, 50000, 50000 and 950000. The total comes out to be 1242500/- Shouldn't this amount be atleast 1250000/- (with 2.5l SI from the previous insurance) if not 128000/-?

-I have read that while porting the bonus/ncb is not carried forward to the new policy. Is this a mandate by IRDAI?

-Say the above is true, then how did they carry forward 242500/- from the previous policy and not 250000/- ?


Niva Max Saver Plan on Policybazaar
Posted By Devaesh Bhatia MEMBER 09 Jul, 2022

Hello Beshak Team,

I am looking for a health insurance policy for my parents(age 63 and 57) and myself(age 24). Added these filters and looked on policybazaar which is providing a policy named Niva Bupa MAX SAVER. This is a bouquet of 2 policies created by policbazaar by including a base policy of 10 lakh(Health Re-assure) and super top up of 90 lakhs(health recharge) by the same company.

Was looking at different options on policybazaar and this was one got my attention due to the reasonable premium that they are charging.

Could anyone please help me in understanding if there is a catch in the terms or if anything I am missing here because the premium that they are charging for this policy is very reasonable.

Policy cancelled without notification
Posted By Rani Nair MEMBER 06 Jul, 2022


I'm with Bupa max for so many years now or both my parents where I nearly pay 1lakh per calendar year.

Every year Bupa sends me a reminder to renew my health insurance, but in May 2021 and 2022 I did not receive any reminders, and because of this I forgot to pay on time.

Now when I remembered and checked my insurance account it showed that it has expired.

I rang the agent and advised the same, who then said that they usually send emails.

I was also been informed that they had a few issues last2 years due to covid 19 pandemic where they did not have enough staff Bla bla bla.

Im very confident that I have not received any reminders from them.

I even offered to pay last year and this years amount

My question here is, is there any chance for Bupa to reactivate my policy without adding a waiting period for there preexisting condition which was already covered in the past

[URGENT] Queries regarding Super Top-up Policies for my parents !!
Posted By Kaushik Das MEMBER 06 Jul, 2022


I am from Kolkata and I recently came across the concept of Super-topup health insurance policies which come at a nominal price.

My parents (Father - 74 and Mother -63), each of them only have a New India Mediclaim Individual Base Policy of 6.25L (5L original base +1.25L cumulative bonus) (Since 1996 or 97). My father has COPD and my mother has BP+Cardiac Issues.

I searched through all the health insurance providers, and given my parent's age and comorbidities and affordability of the premiums, I was able to narrow down to the only two super top-up policies possible (in addition to the original New India Policy):

Father - Care Enhance Super Topup of 12L (considering 6.25L base policy)

Mother - Niva Bupa Health Recharge Super Topup of 40 L

I read on different sites that its "not recommended to buy base policy and super top-up policy from separate insurers". Why is this a problem? Is it that big that nothing can be done about it?

So, given I can only choose these policies which are different from the original insurer, if (god forbid) a claim is needed for above 6.25L New India Policy, how does the rest work from the new insurers?

Please consider me a total noob in these matters. No matter how stupid or redundant the explanation, I am looking forward to as many suggestions and clarifications as possible from the community.

If you have any other better alternative super-top up policies than the ones I found, I am open to all options (considering my parent's age and co-morbidities and affordability of the premiums).

I will be buying them soon.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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