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2 Hours Minimum Admission Time for Day Care Procedure

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24 Mar, 2022 by  Vijay Kumar

In Niva Bupa Reassure Policy, there is a condition on Day Care procedures which states

The Day Care Treatment would be covered if the Insured Person is admitted for more than 2 hours and would also cover treatment taken for Angiography, Dialysis, Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy for cancer.

My questions are following:

  1. What does this 2 hours constitute? Does it include only the time taken in the surgery? Or does it include the time taken for surgery, and, recovery? Or anything else which I'm not aware of.
  2. I want to know the probability of my claim being rejected just because it took less than 2 hours. So, I would like to know what percentage of all the day care procedures can be completed within 2 hours.
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24 Mar, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Dear Vijay,

Since the statement states 2 hrs what is meant is time taken from time of admission to time of discharge.

Once a person is discharged from hospital he/she is given a discharge summary. The discharge summary records this time.

In terms of your second question it is difficult to have an estimation on percentage. Frankly I can't think of any. I think if you know a doctor or surgeon they will be able to offer better guidance.


Rohit Dhingra

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24 Mar, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Vijay

I agree with Rohit , few value additions

1. Day care hospital must admit you like you are admitted in normal hospital and you should be discharged .

2. Cases is rejected when day care treatm

ent is given under OPD .

3. Case is also rejected when hospital does not have any facility of prolonged admission in case of any emergency.

Hope this clarifies


Insurance samadhan

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