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Acko health policy purchasing

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16 Aug, 2022 by  Sumeet Solanki

I have gone across an acko health insurance plan which has unlimited 1 crore plan and have no waiting periods for any kinds of existing or un existing ilness and also the premium is very less.Can i trust on this kind of policy for claims


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18 Aug, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Hi Sumeet,

All insurance companies are regulated by IRDA hence one can trust the insurer. In terms of claim, premium is not the deciding factor neither is the sum insured. It is the scope of coverage, exclusions and declarations made while buying the product that decides the claim.

If you are sure about these go-ahead and buy.

Please note the premiums of a plan could be low when a product is new so as to attract more customers similarly some new entrants will also pass all kinds of claims during initial years to gain market share. This could also happen when a startup is plush with funds by the investors. To show growing user base to their investors these are clever tactics.

If you think you have enough knowledge about health insurance please go ahead and buy from Acko. Incase you are not sure take help from an advisor


Rohit Dhingra

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