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ACKO Platinum Health Insurance Credibility ?

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03 Sep, 2023 by  Amey Karwarkar

I am as an Individual a Customer of Star Mediclassic Insurance Policy from last 10 Years - I am Planning to Port Health Insurance From Star Health to ACKO Platinum Family Plan which with Unlimited COverage which covers 3 Mebers of my Family (Myself - 33 Years , My Wife - 29 Years & My Mother - 61 Years)

The ACKO Unlimited Plan is too good to be true however I am not able to get any authetic 3rd Party Information or Review on the ACKO Health Insurance Plans. That makes me Believe if the Policy is So Good why is noone Making Videos about it on Youtube or giving Rveiews on Quora etc.

Is the Claim Process Seamless ? Such questions are coming in my mind

As Industry Experts - What is your take on the ACKO Unlimited Platinum Policy - Is it reliable as ACKO is a Unicorn Start UP making Huge Losses as a Company ?

Health Insurance

1 Answer

11 Sep, 2023

Hello Amey,

It's great to see you exploring your health insurance options, but it's essential to approach new-age insurance companies like ACKO with caution. ACKO is a relatively young player in the insurance industry, and as you pointed out, there might not be as much publicly available information or reviews compared to more established insurers. However, there is a recent customer review related to claims experience with Acko that you can find here:

It's crucial to understand that the claims process and overall experience with any insurance company can vary significantly from person to person. Therefore, it's challenging to make a definitive judgment on ACKO's reliability at this stage due to its limited history. And, consider the regulatory environment: IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) permits insurers to make changes to their products, including premiums and features, with proper approval. So, while the Acko Platinum Health Insurance Plan may appear attractive now, there's no guarantee that it will remain unchanged in the future. Make sure you focus on the core aspects of a health insurance plam, such as the sum insured and buy a plan with no financial limits like room rent limits or sub-limits on specific treatments, modern treatments, day care treatments, domiciliary treatments, etc. Additionally, it's wise to choose an insurer with a good claim track record over a more extended period, typically 3-5 years, to ensure reliability and consistency in service.

Hope this helps. Thank you!

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