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Advise on health insurance policy

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30 Sep, 2023 by  piyush kumar

I have a health insurance policy with 15 lakh cover, should I go for 10 lakh plus top up or continue with same

Health Insurance

1 Answer

03 Oct, 2023

Hello Piyush,

Deciding on your health insurance coverage involves considering various factors. Your age plays a pivotal role, as it can influence your healthcare needs and the level of coverage required. Additionally, the impact of inflation should be considered, as it can erode the real value of your coverage over time. Moreover, whether you should continue with your current cover or opt for a top-up plan will also depend on the specifics of your existing policy.

I recommend using Beshak TruMatch, a tool that provides personalized recommendations on how much cover to purchase, how to smartly combine super top-ups, and what to do with your existing policy. You can access it through this link for more information:

This tool will help you make an informed decision about your health insurance coverage.Thank you!

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