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Any one please help me with all day care procedure list according to Indian Medical association

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27 Feb, 2023 by  Ravindra Murdeshwar

Day care procedure list

Health Insurance

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16 Mar, 2023
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Dear Ravindra,

I assume that you are asking this to seek information regarding coverage under health insurance.

Day care procedures are treatments that do not require minimum 24 hours of hospitalization and All insurance companies provide a list of such day care procedures covered under their respective plans, you can check on their websites for their specific plans.

Let me also add that some companies provide day care procedures segregated under broad heads while others list them individually, it needs careful assessment to know where you get maximum coverages..

And you can save yourself all the effort by taking help of beshak's free trumatch report and 1-1 consultation with one of the advisors to get all this information and make an informed decision.

hope this explanation helps!


Rana Sahib.

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