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Are there any hidden TnC in CARE advantage health plan with cover of Rs 50 lakhs

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12 Sep, 2023 by  K Mehta

I am planning to buy the CARE Advantage plan with a cover of Rs 50 lakhs. I do not have any other mediclaim policy. Are there any hidden conditions 2hich one should know before buying this policy.


Also, it claims to have a 100% restoration during the year - is my understanding right that say in 1 year in say 5th month I claim entire 50 Lakhs and again is hospitalised say in month 10 - I can once again claim the entire 50 Lakhs? If yes, doesnt this mean getting double cover for same premium

Health Insurance

1 Answer

16 Sep, 2023


Your question is quite broad and health insurance plans can indeed have hidden conditions that are important to understand before making a decision. We are in the process of decoding this plan and will be out shortly with a detailed analysis. In the meantime, I'd suggest you consult with one of our expert advisors to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the policy and its terms and conditions. 

Through our free 1-to-1 personal consultation service, you can select an advisor who suits your preferences and discuss your requirements with them. They will provide valuable insights to help you make the best decision regarding your health insurance coverage. This service is completely unbiased and powered by Beshak Research. Here's the link for your reference:

I hope this helps. Thank you!

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