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Bajaj Allianz vs Acko for Health Insurance

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01 Sep, 2023 by  Vishwas Susikar

I have a Bajaj Allianz health insurance for me and my family. Its time for renewal and I got a very interesting quote from Acko for the same amount. I have had experience with Acko for other insurance and am happy with their service. Wanted a comparison between Bajaj Allianz health guard platinum and Acko platinum healh insurance. What would your recommendation be?

Health Insurance

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10 Sep, 2023

Hello Vishwas,

To help you make an informed decision between Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Platinum and Acko Platinum Health Insurance, I recommend using the Beshak Health Insurance Decoder. This tool provides detailed information about the features, benefits, financial limitations, exclusions, and more for various health insurance plans. You can also find insights into insurers' claims processes and customer service experiences. Check it out here:

Hope this helps. Thank you!

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