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Base plan +Supertopup or 1 Core plan as suggest by Company?

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18 Feb, 2021 by  Rahul Kude

Dear Sir,

1) Is it is better to buy (Base plan+ Supertopup) instead of 1 Crore plan, as it seems more beneficial than 1 Cores Plan (5+95) if compare on the policy bazaar website. ( my requirement is only a Single Private room).

2) Shall I get supertop plan for office group mediclaim policy only for pararents ? In this policy my Parent(Father Age More Than 60) + My nucler family is covered.

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1 Answer

20 Feb, 2021
Founder, Beshak

Hello Rahul,

I am not sure whether I get your questions right. I will make an attempt.

Question #1

  1. Many of the 1 Crore plans being sold are also combo options of Base + Super Topup Plans.
  2. Between a single 1 Crore plan and a Combo 1 Crore (5+95) - the single 1 Crore plan is better, but the price far outweighs benefits, making the combo plan very attractive/compelling.
  3. Combo plans Vs One Plan does not matter much if you buy both from the same insurance company.

Question #2

  1. Depend on company/employer group policies only for the short-term. These policies will cover you for pre-existing diseases and also have lesser exclusions, no waiting periods in all probability.
  2. However, for the long term, you must have your own health insurance for your parents. It's better to be in control of your family's healthcare expenditure and health insurance. Also, you should factor in the risk of being in-between jobs, working in an organization that does not cover parents in the future.

Hope this helps.



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21 Feb, 2021
Rahul Kude
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23 Feb, 2021
Shubham Kumar
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