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Base policy ( 5L or 10L) plus Super Top Up 1CR 3L deductible plus OPD plan

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25 Aug, 2022 by  insure

Since OPD riders are just being introduced by GICs, is it possible for me to purchase via a base, STU and a OPD plan

I will buy my health plans via only.

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1 Answer

26 Aug, 2022
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You can opt for a Free 1to1 consultation on beshak portal, the team will guide you for the same.

Once you follow the consultation process, you are provided with a comprehensive report giving you a thorough explanation about the amount as well as the recommended health insurance Plans, which would cover both base as well as Super TOP up plans.

For OPD plans, offered by Kenko/TATA 1Mg/PHARMEASY/ healtians, these are all new age players offering subscription plans for buying medicines/diagnostics/wellness products/online doctor consultations for your day to day needs. These Days some Insurance companies also provide such services to their policy holders through their third party tie-ups, available on the Apps on the respective health insurance Companies.

If you wish to Sign up for Standalone OPD plans, You should always go for a reputed & a deep pocketed player with an established brand name as that would offer you a reliable and cost effective service in the long run. You never know when any of the start-ups turns belly up due to capital crunch and abruptly stops even the existing subscriptions.

Beshak, as of now, Does not provide recommendations on any such OPD products.

Best wishes!

Rana Sahib

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26 Aug, 2022
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