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Base Policy and Super Top from 2 Different Insurers

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08 Nov, 2021 by  Vipul Wakkar

Hello Team,

I am 27 year old single from Mumbai with no PED, looking to buy a health insurance of about 10 lakhs with 10-50 lakhs of Super Top Up.

I came across Care plus (USP being increased SI as per inflation). However, the super Top Up of Care (Care Enhance) for 10 lakhs is priced at 2518 while the Max Bupa Health Recharge costs about 1000 for even 90L super top up.

Can you please suggest if I will encounter any issues for buying policies from 2 separate insurers for base and super top up?


Vipul Wakkar

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

10 Nov, 2021
AVP Insurance - IDBI First Bank

Hi Vipul,

Please compare the features of both the top up policies. There might be difference in the coverages due to which there is a price difference.

To answer your question; No, you will not encounter any major issues if you buy policies from 2 different insurers for base and top up.

The only 'issue' would be that a cashless claim might take longer to be approved and a reimbursement claim will be settled one after the other. (The insurer with the top up policy will need a settlement letter from the insurer with the base policy to settle your claim)

You may read about it in a little more detail in the link below where a similar question was answered.

Hope this helps!

Cheers :)

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10 Nov, 2021
Vipul Wakkar
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