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best health Insurance for elderly

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28 Jul, 2021 by  Kamal

Hi Experts,

i am looking to buy a new health insurance for my parents, mother 66 Years and Father 74 Years old. Till now they have not been covered by any other health insirance. We are looking for an insurance which covers the emergency treatments in Fortis or Max Hospitals in India.

Looking forward for your advice.


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Regional Director, Amicus Insurance Broking

There are several senior citizen health insurance plans being offered these days. However the premium rates can be quite high and you must look at the cost benefit analysis before buying them.

The plans are subject to medical underwriting so your parents may have to undergo pre acceptance medical checks. You have not mentioned if they have any pre-existing conditions or past history of ailments or surgeries done. If they have any conditions, there can be possible rejection of the proposal which you need to be aware of.

As regards the hospitals you have mentioned, you need to check with the insurance company from whom you buy the policy for their empanelment in the preferred hospital network for cashless. This will also be available on the website of the insurance company concerned.

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29 Jul, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Kamal

Com0liments to you for taking care of your parents .

My answer

1. First visit nearest Max and Fortis hospital . Check insurer in Panel . Ask Insurance desk for opinion . Choose two insurers as per recommendations .

2. Look for features like waiting period of PED , pre and post care , exclusion list etc .

3. Compare premium rates which can be high , recommend 20 % copay to reduce premium .

4. Insist on medical test as part of proposal Declare all medical history .

Best wishes


Insurance Samadhan

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