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Best Super top up plan in market with max disease cover

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22 May, 2021 by  abhishek kundu

Hi Everyone,

I have been looking for a super top up plans for myself at the age of 31. I am a working individual hence my company provides a health insurance with cover of 3L. But I dont feel this is sufficient in the long run. I want to have a minimum cover of 20L with a deductible amount of 3L or 5L.

Also I dont have any pre-existing conditions

can someone please let me know which is best super top plan available in the market presently based on the mandatory requirements.

1-Should cover all modern treatments like stem cell therapy, balloon sinoplasty, etc.

2-Should cover mental illness.

3-Minimum Exclusions of the diseases

4-Should have an option to cover into base plan later

5-No copayment

6-Best Claim settlement

7-Should cover organ donor transplant and Inter congeniality diseases (in short should cover maxmum diseases possible)

Please let me know your suggestion on BajajAllianzExtraCarePlus, StarSuperSurplousGold, Max Bupa Health Recharge Super Topup, Aditya Birla Super health top up

and feel free to give any more suggestion.

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

30 May, 2021

Hey Abhishek,

Apologies for the delayed response. Glad to know that you are thinking about upgrading your cover and you have considered buying a Super Top-Up for the same. I would not be able to point out one particular plan which is best in the market, but I'll add my comments corresponding to your mandatory requirements for your better understanding.

1) Most of the Super Top-Up plans available in the market (like Max Bupa Health Recharge, Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Plus, Star Super Surplus, etc.) cover all types of Modern Treatments up to the Sum Insured, however, sub-limits might be applicable on few conditions depending upon the product.

2) Mental Illness is covered by all health plans in the market since IRDAI has made it mandatory for all insurance companies to cover the same.

3) All health insurance plans have a standard list of exclusions. You can refer to the policy wording of the product to check the same.

4) All Super Top-Up plans can be clubbed with another base/comprehensive health insurance plan.

5) There is no co-payment in Super Top-Up plans.

6) Claim settlement is something that solely depends upon how honestly you have filled your proposal form and disclosed all your personal health-related information to the insurance company while purchasing the policy. If you have truthfully disclosed all the information and have properly understood the terms and conditions of the policy, your claim will definitely get settled.

7) Super Top-Up plan covers all the diseases, there are no restrictions. Also, most of the plans cover organ donor expenses as well.

To sum up, I would say that you can purchase any Super Top-Up plan available in the market with utmost confidence.

Hope this helps.

Thank You!

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