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Buying Health insurance for a person with existing illness

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03 Feb, 2022 by  Arun KS


I would like to purchase a Comprehensive health insurance policy for a person who is a 64 year old Male.

Pre existing diseases :-

  1. He is having diabetes from past 15 years. On insulin injection from past 2 years.
  2. Had an occurrence of a neuro disease called Guiilain Barre Syndrome (GBS) in April 2021, after taking the Covishield vaccine (a probable vaccine side effect). He was hospitalized for a month for this. He is now fit and fine. On prescribed immunosuppressant drugs now.

I would like to get some real good Comprehensive plans like the Niva Bupa Reassure or HDFC Health Optima Restore.

Niva Bupa agent straightly told that, they wont issue a policy for a person who had a history of GBS.

What are the chances of getting a good comprehensive health policy(or atleast a Corona Kavach for the time being) for him now. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance


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1 Answer

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Arun jee,

Firstly if he is insulin dependant, he can opt for diabetes specific plans that cover Type 1 diabetes. Some of the plans are - HDFC ergo energy , Aditya Birla platinum enhanced plan and Star health Diabetes safe.

Niva Bupa reassure or HDFC ergo restore/secure can't be offered to him because of type 1 diabetes only.

As far as GBS is concerned, you will have to try with the above plans and final decision on policy issuance will be given by the underwriting team.

Hope this helps

Gurleen Kaur Tikku


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