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Can I skip health insurance, and buy just Corona Kavach?

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24 Apr, 2021 by  Munch Res

I was exploring health insurance plans, and they're very expensive right now. Can I instead just buy a Corona insurance (Like Corona Kavach or Corona Rakshak) for just this year?

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Health Insurance

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24 Apr, 2021
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Munch,

We have answered this in detail in our article here: Health Insurance In The Time Of Covid19 Pandemic (

Here's the extract:

If I don't have health insurance. Can I just buy these COVID special covers for now?

Ideally no. These Covid19-specific policies are for the short-term - to address additional needs during Covid19 hospitalizations - and not a replacement for regular health insurance. There are health risks beyond the Covid19 pandemic. And for that - we recommend you invest in your personal health insurance that provides you a lifelong, comprehensive cover for hospitalization expenses against all kinds of diseases & injuries. The secret is to invest in such a policy when you don’t need it – when you are hale and hearty – that’s when you can get the best deal in health insurance. 

In the very short-term, probably yes. If you are looking at a quick cover so that you can then take time out to research and buy a good long-term health insurance cover, you can start off with these plans and then immediately graduate to a full-fledged cover once you have shortlisted your long term health insurance plan. Of course, you need to know that such policies won't cover if you are already infected or get infected in the first 15 days after your cover starts. 

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