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Can insurance company rejects new born

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13 Jun, 2021 by  harivansh agrawal

Suppose I have a family floater of 10lac and super top-up of 90 lac with 10lac deductible as new born covers start after 90 days suppose between 90 days new born develop some diseases which is dangerous but not immediate threat but before completion of 90 she diagnosed with disease let says after 40 days or immediately after born will insurance company entitled to give her insurance no matter what after 90 days under family floater

applicable to both super top up and base sum insurance

Health Insurance

1 Answer

13 Jun, 2021
Self Employed - Digital Consultant

Dear Harivansh,

It is not obligatory on the underwriter to offer insurance to the new born. You have to apply for addition of the new born to your health insurance policy after completion of 90 days or at next renewal by paying the due premium. Underwriter then decides about extending the coverage basis medical declaration given by parents in the proposal form that they fill for the new born.

Another point. Most chronic diseases diagnosed as early as within 90 days of birth are usually congenital in nature & health insurance doesn't cover congenital conditions. On the other hand, if the condition is not chronic in nature such as mild infection, fever, etc that lasts for a few days, the child is most likely to pass the underwriter's scrutiny & be given insurance.

I hope this answers your question to some extent.

Best Wishes

Asad Akbar

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14 Jun, 2021
harivansh agrawal
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