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Can Supertop up health cover ported aswell?

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04 Dec, 2020 by vikrant khanna


I'm looking to port my existing health cover base+super top up(3.5lac+ 10lacwith 3lac dedn.) to a different insurance provider. I wanted to update my base cover to 5 lac and Super top up to 25lac+. In preliminary discussion with the new insurer I have been informed that the new Base policy after porting would get benefit uptill the previously covered amount + any no-claim bonus, while there is no provision to port the super top up, meaning no previous benefits would accrue to the the new Super top up plan.

Would like the experts to comment and enlighten on the issue at hand and suggest a recourse.

And gratitude to team and Mahavir ji for creating this wonderful platform.


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1 Answer

08 Dec, 2020
Team Beshak

Hello Vikrant,

The portability guidelines of IRDAI technically do not differentiate between a Super Top-up/Top-up product and a regular health insurance - so ideally you should get portability for these category of products too. You should ask insurers to share the guideline which excludes Super top-up from portability. Insurers could however have system related constraints to be able to provide credit for such policies. You may also like to check with some other insurance company.

Thank you for your encouragement, and being part of this community. It really helps us keep going.


Team Beshak.

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