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Can term life critical illness cover act as Health Insurance?

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03 Apr, 2023 by  Sandip B

I have a term life policy, along with same I had optin for critical illness cover amount of 30 Lakhs. Can this CI rider act as Health Insurance (For the list covered disease, ofcourse)

If not; How is it different from classic Health Insurance?

Term Life Insurance
Health Insurance

1 Answer

03 Apr, 2023
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Sandip

Interesting question

Health insurance compensates in case of cost of treatment of diseases as per terms and conditions . Health insurance is an indemnity product and does not allow ypu to make profit . You are compensated towards expenses only .

When you fall sick, ypu spend money on treatment as well as you loose income generation because of hospitalisation or advised rest .

Critical insirance compensates you towards the income liss and pays a sum assured on diagnosis of defined Critical illness . It is a defined benefit and non indemnity product .on occurence of defined event ypu are paid defined sum assured. It has nothing to do with cost or type of treatment.

Hope you understand.

Best wishes


Insurance Samadhan

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