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Can the claim in term insurance get rejected because of the pincode or city?

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05 Jan, 2022 by  Yash Agrawal

I am Yash. I am from Satna, MP. Recently i bought a term insurance for myself from Max Life insurance for cover of 50 L . When i was buying the policy i saw that even though my pincode was there in the drop down ,option to choose satna as the city was not popping up.Instead Rewa was in drop down menu which is a division under which Satna comes. Both are seperate districts. I talked to the sales person from Max. He told me to submit any proof of address from Rewa and then policy would be issued.After some time you can change the address to your own city. I asked him multiple times whether it would impact my claim or not to which he said that doesnt impact the claim at all. I submitted a rent agrrement of my relative's place and bought the policy.

Today only i read that some pincodes have become unserviceable. Now i am worried if it will cause any problem to me in the future? Policy is still in the free look window. What should i do?

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Term Life Insurance

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06 Jan, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan


There should not be a problem but do the following :

1. Write a mail to Maxlife , tell them that you would like to change your address to Satna .

2. Keep copy of mail pasted alongwith document .

It will not cause any problem because this fact is not material .

Hope this clarifies

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06 Jan, 2022
Yash Agrawal
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09 Jan, 2022

Hi Yash,

Since this is not a material fact as Shailesh highlighted, you may get the changes done only on the policy portal. That will do.

Still, just to be on the safer side, I would recommend you to get the changes done in the proposal form and the policy document as well. You may get in touch with Max Life's team and ask them to make the changes. Once the changes have been done, you should ideally get a letter of reconsideration from Max Life over email and revised policy documents with your correct address.


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