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Can we claim post hospitalization expenses later separately?

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12 Sep, 2020 by Questions On Social Media

A basic quesn Can we claim post hospitialization expenses later (in few days) after we submit all the reports, discharge summary etc to the company or we have to claim all in one go?

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1 Answer

12 Sep, 2020
Team Beshak

Hello Aayush,

You must claim hospitalization separately. You should submit all papers, discharge summary, receipts, reports, etc up to the discharge as a hospitalization claim. You must not wait to collect all post-hospitalization bills/receipts and documents.

Since post-hospitalization expenses are usually covered for a period of 60 days after the hospitalization, you must accumulate all bills, receipts, documents for medicines, followup doctor consultations, physiotherapy sessions, diagnostic tests required after the hospitalization and submit a separate post-hospitalization claim later.

Hope this helps.
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