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Cardiac Related Plans (Pacemaker) Suggestion and Guidance

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09 Jun, 2022 by  mehul

One of my Client's Mother is having Cardiac Problem (pacemaker fitted 10yrs back and received claim from New India) they had Star Health Senior Citizen Plan (Currently) and they have ported the Policy from New India but while switching 4yrs back they didn't mentioned about the Cardiac Problem. Now her doctor has suggested to replace the battery of Pace maker since 10yrs has past, but Star Advisor said don't claim for it or else Existing Policy will be Rejected and Cancelled. Star Policy Renewal is in Next Month. kindly suggest for the same since it is a major issue, need a proper guidance for further process.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

16 Jun, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Mehul

Few questions

1. Did you take any cardiac or pace maker claim from New India?

2. Are you sure that your policy was ported, is it mentioned on policy pack .

If answer is yes , then your case can be contested.

It is the duty of old insurance company to submit details of all claims hence new insurer Star can not say that this fact was hidden .

Ideally it is the duty of proposer to give all details but it is also the duty of new insurer post port to do due diligence . That is why 45 days notice is required .

You can always reach Insurance Samadhan for guidance.

Best wishes

Shailesh Kumar

Insurance Samadhan

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