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Care Supreme Vs HDFC Optima Secure

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12 Aug, 2023 by  Baibhab

I am looking for an insurance policy for my parents (60 < age < 65) with some pre-existing conditions, like, Hypertension, Hyperthyroid, Border Line Diabetes. Which among Care Supreme and HDFC Optima Secure is recommended? How are both with claim settlement process?

How is Instant Cover rider in Care Health? Does it actually start covering pre existing disease after 30days? or are there any terms and conditions?

Health Insurance

1 Answer

15 Aug, 2023

Hello Baibhab,

Under the Instant Cover rider in Care Supreme, the applicable PED waiting period of 48 months will be waived off on Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, and Asthma and these PEDs will be covered after the initial waiting period of 30 days.

Regarding the plans, both Care Supreme and Optima Secure offer comprehensive coverage and are worth considering. You can compare these plans based on product features, benefits, limits, claims experience, customer service, and more. Check out the detailed comparison here:

We also provide a free 1-to-1 personal consultation service where you can connect with an advisor of your choice. They'll assist you in finding the most suitable plan for you and your family's needs. You will also get a comprehensive recommendation PDF report with brands, coverage, floater/individual, super top-up amongst many other recommendations. This report is 100% unbiased and entirely powered by Beshak Research. Sharing the link below for your ready reference-

Thank you!

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