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07 Feb, 2022 by  Abhyu

If I buy a policy in Bangalore and hospitalized in Mumbai, will the insurer reject my claim since I purchased it in a different city? Let's say I was a Bangalore resident when I bought it and had to shift to Mumbai for work. In such a scenario how will my claim be treated?


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08 Feb, 2022

Hi Abhyu,

No, definitely not, your claim will be honored across the country.

However, there is a small catch!!!

Policies offered by many companies have premium ratings based on geographies i.e premium rates are higher for certain cities/Metroes in comparison to others based on perceived difference in cost of treatment.

There is further subdivision, few companies(like UIIC) fix premium based on the location you reside and after that irrespective of the city you take treatment in, your claim will be honored without any deduction.

Some other companies(like Bajaj Allianz) ask you to opt for zones at the time of taking policy, a person residing in zone with lower premium rates can opt for zone with higher premium rating and his/her claim will be honored in full and final irrespective of the city he/she takes treatment in. However if the proposer opts for zone with lower premium(even if he/she is the resident of city falling under lower premium zone) and takes treatment in city falling in higher zone, a certain percentage of claim will be deducted towards Copayment.

Claim will not be rejected in any case, but you can check your policy and premium rating to confirm whether any copayment is applicable or not.

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08 Feb, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Abhiyu

Cover is applicable all over India .

Other details have been detailed in answer by Mr Pawar.


Insurance Samadhan

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