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Claim questions . Please answer these questions 🙏

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27 Nov, 2021 by  zaara sheikh

Hi all. Kindly help me in choosing the correct options of these CII (UK) past exam questions. Thank you.

1. By what method are third party claims normally resolved?

A. By arbitration

B. By negotiation

2. When a third party injury claim has been submitted under a motor insurance policy , the first issue to be resolved is the

A. Amount of the claim

B. Apportionment of liability

C. Duration of incapacity

D. Type of injury

3. Jill suffered minor injuries following a road accident caused by Ted and a claim for uninsured losses was satisfactorily settled. Who would benefit as a result of this settlement?

A. Jill

B. Ted

C. Jill's insurer

D. Ted's insurer

4. A loss assessor has been appointed to review a fire insurance claim and has completed his assessment. To whom would he initially submit his report?

A. The insurer directly

B. The insurer's loss adjuster

C. The insured directly

D. The insured's solicitor

5. In an insurance company, who is normally responsible for setting claims staff's reserving and settlement authorities?

A. The claims manager

B. The company actuary

6. Paul claims for damage to a valuable antique vase under his household insurance policy and the insurer arranges for the vase to be repaired. What would NOT be covered under the policy conditions?

A. The cost of the repairer's labour

2. Any transport costs

C. The loss adjuster's expenses

D. The reduction in value of the vase after the repair.

7. When a valid claim exists, against whom , if anyone does a third party have a contractual right of redress?

A. Both the insured and insurer

B. The insured only

C. The insurer only

D. Neither the insured nor the insurer

8. What effect , if any, should active financial monitoring of claims have on an insurer's results?

A. An increase in overall profit

B. There will be no impact


1 Answer

30 Nov, 2021

Hey Zaara,

Hope you are well! Regret to inform you that majority of the experts on our panel have experience and expertise only in the Indian insurance sector and not the United Kingdom or any other region or country. We may not be able to help you out with your questions.


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