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Clueless situation regarding PED

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15 Jul, 2022 by  ashok T

Trying to gather PED for my mother in law. She had knee pain in 2018 and got treated for that in 2018(one injection per week for few weeks). After that no more knee pain trouble or any treatment related it. But the problem now is, she has no documents related to it or any prescription or she has no idea what is the medical term for that. Now what i can do for declaring this knee pain as PED while buying insurance for her ? I have no idea how to proceed with this ? If we have diabetes we can say diabetes in PED as simple as that, but i think knee pain has many categories medical terms in it(based on experience for my mother), Without knowing exactly how should i declare in this case ? If i say knee pain for sure they might ask document or prescription or any sort of diagnosis which she never have it at all.

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Hi Ashok,

The knee pain needs to be disclosed as history otherwise under non disclosure might affect future claims. Best would be to get a basic declaration written by the treating doctor and also getting him mention about no pain now. This would allow insurer to decide on underwriting the case.

General waiting period for PED would be applicable for sure.

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17 Jul, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Ashok

Delare as honestly as done in the question and let underwriter take their own decision.

Take a medical check up and keep in your records to avoid any complications in future .

Best wishes

Shailesh Kumar

Insurance Samadhan

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