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Confused between HDFC ERGO (Optima Restore)and NIVA BUPA(ReAssure)

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21 Jun, 2022 by  Mani Shanker

I have a corporate health plan but having health insurance is the first step to becoming financially independent. So, I have analyzed multiple Health insurance and shortlisted Optima Restore and ReAssure, both seem to be Good Products but not able to pick one.

ReAssure provides better Features(Unlimited Restoration and Covers Alternative Medicine) and a Less Price Compared to Optima Restore but HDFC has better brand value with higher premium pricing.

  • Can you suggest which one is better for claim processing and provides good customer support?
  • Can we take the same policy for my parents as they have no existing illnesses?

Health Insurance

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There are few pros and cons for both the plans, also the right pick depends on a broader assessment of the ones to be insured.

Happy to assist you through a free consult Mani.

Feel free to connect for the same.

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22 Jun, 2022
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Hi Mr.Mani Shanker,

At outset, appreciate your sense of understanding about the importance of personal health insurance despite having a corporate cover. It is very true that "Health insurance is the first step to financial independence"

Further, both the products who have shortlisted are undoubtedly the best plans in the current segment. Despite the close resemblance in all important features, there still lies a fine difference between these two plan in few areas.

1. Optima Restore covers all modern treatments without any sub-limits however ReAssure has a capping of 1 Lac for Robotic Surgeries other than the ones like: Robotic total radical prostatectomy, Robotic cardiac surgeries, Robotic partial nephrectomy, Robotic surgeries for malignancies

2. ReAssure plan offers Health Checkup benefit from Day-1 and Optima Restore gives this after ech renewal for Sum Insured beyond 10 Lacs

3. InPatient AYUSH benefit is available in ReAssure not in the Optima Restore Plan

4. Cashless Network Hospital Coverage of Hdfc Ergo is 13000+ where as this is 8500+ in case of Niva Bupa

5. ReAssure has unlimited ReAssure (reinstatement) benefit and recently Optima Restore too has come with an option of adding unlimited Restore Benefit through a rider by paying an extra 0.5% premium

Yes, ReAssure plan has a price advantage & Hdfc as you mentioned have backing of a brand like Hdfc.

I would recommend you to have a personal interaction our insurance experts for the accurate recommendations. We would take a closer look into your details especially since you have talked about insurance for Parents too.

Best Wishes,

Satish Kumar H

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