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Cover for spinal decompression

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21 Oct, 2023 by  Irshad S

Recently I underwent spinal decompression for my chronic back pain. Though there are both surgical and non-surgical option, I decided to go with the noninvasive way in a spine care centre on a 10 day hospitalisation.

While claiming it via my corporate policy, it was repudiated saying it is normal physiotherapy and don’t be covered by the plan.

As per the hospital, these are covered and processed by insurance providers.

Can this be challenged?

Health Insurance

1 Answer

07 Nov, 2023

Hello Irshad,

If it is explicitly mentioned in your policy docs that these expenses will be covered - then the insurance company should cover them. You can file a complaint if you believe your insurer has rejected your claim on invalid grounds. We have written a detailed article that outlines the various channels through which you can file insurance-related complaints in India. You can check it out here:

How To File A Complaint Against An Insurance Company In India? | Beshak

I hope this helps. Thank you!

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