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Covid-19 home care claim

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26 Jun, 2021 by  nikunj chhag

Hi, one of my colleague got his Covid claim repudiated saying the doctor was DHMS & he should be a specialist. Is that acceptable? Of course he is licensed medical practitioner, isn't it enough? Claim was home care treatment, not hosp admitted.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

26 Jun, 2021
Sandesh Shetty

Please checkout your policy exclusion which states "Change of treatment from one system of medicine to another system unless recommended by the consultant/hospital under whom the treatment is taken". Therefore a homeopathic doctor giving allopathic treatment will be considered as Crosspathy & excluded under the Policy.

However request your friend to put grievance in Insurance companies stating that during this pandemic it is very hard for everyone to reach to the hospital as the health care system of the entire country is overwhelmed and patients tend to reach to their family physicians (BAMS/BHMS/BUMS) for all their health-related issues.

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