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Critical Illness - Number of illnesses Covered

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12 Apr, 2022 by  Ravi N

Niva Bupa has critical illness cover which covers 20 illnesses, Aditya Birla has 3 variants, basic which covers 20 critical illnesses, Comprehensive which covers 50 critical illnesses and All Round protection - which covers 64 illnesses.

I understand that the top 6 illnesses account for more than 90% of critical illness claims. Further, when you look beyond the top 10 illnesses listed in any plan - the claims are very very rare. So, a majority of these long lists are often filled up with rare medical conditions with a very low probability of occurring.

Wanted to know views of other experts about Niva and Aditya Birla Critical illness cover?

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

13 Apr, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Ravi

You are right top 6 diseases accpunt for 90 % of critical diseases .

These are linked to 5 vital organs like brain , heart , kidney , liver , pancreas .

If you add cancer in it then these 6 critical diseases are vital .

Go for the most economical cover and take maximum sum assured rather most expensive with less sum assured.

Please note that name of disease is important , it shpuld match with nomenclature of policy wording . For example , angana pain in heart is not critical but myocardial infarction is. Same way early stage cancer may not be critical but second stage can be critical.

Insurer would pay when critical illness is non curable and patient hsve to live life with it .

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13 Apr, 2022
Ravi N
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