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critical mediclaim or super top up above health insurance?

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04 Aug, 2022 by  Hopeto Chophi

I have a family floater health insurance plan of 4 lakhs plus 1.5 lkhs no claim bonus from care insurance. i also had critical Mediclaim from same provider for 10 lakhs each for 4 of us. the critical Mediclaim premium is around 7000 yearly and got expired 15th July 22.

I wanted expert advice whether super top up of another 10 to 20 Lakhs with lesser premium is better or to renew the expired the critical Mediclaim since the latter only pays for actual hospitalization expenses which the super top should also cover. right?


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06 Aug, 2022
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Hello Mr.Hopeto Chophi,

The need of the hour is to have comprehensive health insurance cover for a family to an extent of at least 15 to 20 lacs these days. This of course would vary depending on the factors such as the age of the members to be insured, family size, current and past medical history & city of residence, etc.

A critical illness plan usually offers coverage for listed medical conditions such as Cancer, Stroke, Paralysis, Organ Failure etc, and upon diagnosis of such diseases, a lumpsum amount gets transferred to the account of the policyholder. Having a critical illness cover is definitely recommended however, one should think of choosing such plans once the family has a comprehensive indemnity health insurance coverage of about 20 lakhs.

One good way to attain higher sum insured requirements is to choose a Base + Top up plan combination at a reasonable cost

Get in touch with our Health Insurance experts from Beshak to ensure that a proper review of your insurance requirements is done & we would suggest suitable options based on your needs.


Satish Kumar H

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