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Cumulative bonus not transferred during migration of health insurance

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05 Nov, 2023 by  tejinder sethi

Hello sir. I have migrated from Care to Care Supreme with same base sum insured of Rs.10 lacs. However they have not transferred no claim bonus of Rs 13 lacs. I have referred them circular no.IRDAI/HLT/REG/CIR/003/01/2020 of IRDAI on Migration and Portability wherein at it is clearly mentioned as below:

Migration shall be applicable to the extent of the sum insured under the previous policy and the cumulative bonus, f any, acquired from the previous policies.

However insurance company have reverted mentioning as under:

We would like to update you that while porting the policy from any other insurance company to Care Insurance as well as internal portability, continuity benefit will be given on previous sum insured plus cumulative bonus, however NCB/NCB Super will not be carry forwarded.

Can you please advise.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

01 Dec, 2023

Hello Tejinder,

In the ideal scenario, the no-claim bonus from your previous policy should have been transferred to your new policy, as explicitly stated in the IRDAI's circular. I recommend initiating a formal complaint with the grievance cell of the insurer or approaching the insurance ombudsman to ensure the proper transfer of your bonus amount. For detailed guidance on filing such complaints, please refer to the following article:


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