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Date of birth correction

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20 Nov, 2022 by  Baz

Hello experts!

I have a question on a health insurance policy I hold with HDFC ergo. This policy is more than 5 years old and recently I found an issue. The policy was purchased by me for my father (senior citizen).

When I purchased the policy, I had given the date of birth as 1st August 1955. However, as per all his official records, DOB is 5th August 1955. I had given actual birth date (1st Aug) instead of DOB as per official records. This is a mistake from my side. However, the difference is only 5 days.

If I connect with the insurance company and ask for correction, will it lead to cancellation of policy? Renewal is due in few days and policy for elders is hard to come by. Looking forward to your advise

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

22 Nov, 2022
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There will be no issue. You can raise the request by yourself here by uploading the proof.

 Thank you

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