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Day Care Procedures Average Time

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26 Mar, 2022 by  Vijay Kumar

In Niva Bupa Reassure policy, there is a clause wihch states

The Day Care Treatment would be covered if the Insured Person is admitted for more than 2 hours

I want to know how much time does a day care procedure takes on an average. I know that it depends on case by case. But in general, out of 100, how many procedures will discharge me from the hospital within 2 hours?

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28 Mar, 2022
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You will get clarity if you understand what is day care treatment. It is something that requires less than 24 hours because of advancement in medical technology.

Now, any diagnostic service is completed in less than 2 hours and not covered. A day care treatment is covered when it is deemed mandatory by a doctor. Treatments like dialysis, chemotherapy etc are covered.

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Dear Vijay ,

Day care treatments depends upon case to case basis we are not doctors this question could be answerable only based on your treatment.

I would like to give you some input on using insurance for day care treatments.

In general day care treatments come under planned event like cataract, Chemotherapy etc

It's best to take the pre authorisation before going to avail the day care treatments.

Pre authorisation is valid for 7 days so while utilising the insurance you don't need to wait and claim will be settled fastly within 2 hrs .

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29 Mar, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Vijay

Agree with all expert views .From insurance perspective , you need to follow guidelines as below:

1. Ypu are admitted and discharged like a normal hospital procedure.

2. Trestmrnt is under normal and standard protocol.

3. As it is a planned procedure, hence take advance approval .

4.dont make an OPD care as day care.

5. Chrmo , Piles, leproscopic , ortho care , cataract andaman more treatments are done under modern day care.

Hope this suffice


Insurance Samadhan

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