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Dear Team, what's your insight on Amex- BhartiAxa group health insurance

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30 Nov, 2021 by  Naveen Khandelwal

Need opinion on health insurance for parents

My parents are 55,56

I currently have 4 lakh insurance floater by UIIC and pay 27500/-.

The way premium are increasing, I am thinking about insurance provided by bank . Need your inputs


1 Answer

02 Dec, 2021

Hey Naveen,

Hope you are well! In my view, group policies provided by banks are supposed to be your last option - no matter how good that group policy is. Recently we have started a new service here at Beshak called Beshak Community Connect (BCC). With this service, we connect customers like you with our curated and experienced financial advisors from our community who help them with all their insurance requirements.

I believe one of our financial advisors would be able to help you in a much better way to make a decision with respect to your health insurance. If affordability is an issue, probably our financial advisors would be able to help you with a way forward.

If you wish to connect, request you to kindly fill up this form at your earliest convenience and one of our community executives will get in touch with you -


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